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Angimbe Natures ORGANIC 3 liter caniste

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It is possible to buy the single 3-liter tank or packs of 4 3-liter tanks each.

Versatile oil. Ideal in enhancing and making the most of the quality of the food both when cooking and when added raw where it excels particularly. Excellent with sauteed vegetables, with roasts, with baked fish, with savory pies, perfect in salad dressing, in the preparation of pinzimonio and on grilled vegetables.


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Production data and technical characteristics
Soil: clayey hills
Prune method: pruning with polyconic pot
Fertilization: organic
Phytosanitary policy: facilitated manual stripping with combs and nets
Harvest method: facilitated manual stripping with combs and nets
Processing: in a two-phase mill within a few hours of harvesting
Crusher features: Mori Team continuous cycle two-stage Frantoio with cold processing (temperature below 27 ° C)
Storage: stainless steel containers kept full, in a controlled temperature environment (14-16 ° C) throughout the year
Variety: Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice
Typology: Blend
Harvest: October
Category: medium fruity

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Weight1 kg

1 single tank, 4 tanks