The Origin

Angimbe NATURES olive oil ORGANIC is obtained from selected olives, hand-picked in the olive grove of our farm in Calatafimi Segesta. It is grinded within the day and the olives are selected before they are fully ripe when there is still a prevalence of green color. It is then stored in steel containers at a controlled temperature and in the absence of oxygen to keep it with all its properties and leave them unchanged until it arrives to the final costumer.


The extra virgin olive oil ORGANIC “Natures” is not just a condiment but a fundamental ingredient for a tasty and healthy diet. It is rich in triglycerides, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, including substances such as polyphenols and photosterols. These last ones have an important protective action for our body.


We recommend the use of extra virgin olive oil ORGANIC in a daily nutrition for several reasons…

It guarantees a good supply of alpha linoleic acid, omega 3 and linoleic acid, belonging to the group of Omega 6.

Essential in the daily diet as they cannot be synthesized by the human body.

It is the most important ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

It maintains normal cholesterol levels in the blood thanks to the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats it contains.

It fights cellular aging

It protects blood lipids from oxidative stress.

It is 100% natural

…and simply good!


Made goods For 240 kg – 43,75 liters
Color Green with golden highlights when ripe
Smell Rather intense fruity aromas with a pleasant note of green olive and citrus nuances, enlivened by vegetal hints of aromatic herbs, tomato and thistle
Cultivar Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice
Harvest period From 1 to 20 october
Harvest method Manual for picking and mechanics with harvester and use of nets
Extraction method Milling within 12 hours of collection, continuous cold extraction
Recommended use Versatile oil that excels raw on meats, even delicate fish, and vegetables dishes
Production area Belice Valley, heart of western Sicily
Municipality of production Calatafimi-Segesta, feud Angimbè
Flavor Sweet and slightly spicy entry with pleasant bitter perception. Savory, with good density and persistence. Harmonious, fresh, pleasantly herbaceous. At the aftertaste, notes of almond, pine nut and citrus
Type Extra virgin olive oil ORGANIC


Ideal for enhancing the quality of food; Both raw and during cooking. Excellent with sauteed vegetables, with roasts, with baked fish, with savory pies. Perfect to enrich salads, pinzimonio and grilled vegetables.


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Olio Angimbe Natures bottiglia da 0,25 litri

Angimbe Natures 0.25 l bottle

Pack of 2 or 12 bottles

Starting from 7,00 euro

Olio Angimbe Natures bottiglia da 0,5 litri

Angimbe Natures 0.50 l bottle

Pack of 2 or 6 bottles

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Olio Angimbe Natures Tanica da 3 litri

Angimbe Natures

3 liter single tank

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